City Link Toll Increase for Transport Vehicles as from 1st April 2017

Industry update: Melbourne

Both State Government and Transurban (Citylink) have reached an agreement to raise truck tolls, effective 1st April 2017.

Transport operators are expected to face an increase of up to 225% in Toll fees for FCL transport, when traveling from the Port of Melbourne to various suburbs via the Citylink, including freight moving to and from the North/West via the Bolte Bridge and Tullamarine Freeway.

Transport operators will add this increase to their haulage charges. Indicative prices are quoted below. These may vary between different carriers:

  • Inner Suburbs  $15 + GST
  • North/West Suburbs $30 + GST
  • South/East Suburbs  $60 + GST

Please note, tolls are based on a round trip and will be charged at our cost, per FCL container.

Furthermore, industry bodies are still waiting on advice regarding possible Toll increases to general cargo transport vehicles.

We will provide further updates as they develop.

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