ChAFTA / China – Australia Free Trade Agreement Update

The Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China will NOW commence on 20 December 2015, bringing with it an immediate round of tariff cuts and a further round of cuts on 1 January 2016. With short notice of commencement, importers and exporters need to act quickly to prepare.

We are monitoring via Customs of all  further advices to this FTA and will notify all accordingly in regards to specific import duty rate amendments and or requirements to imports and exports of goods.

** Please check to alert your China suppliers that they are as qualified by the applicable China Government Authority to issue ChAFTA  free trade (FTA) origin certificate applicable to their manufactured goods per shipment basis for us to apply against your import clearance/s.

Note: This Guide is being updated by Government Authorities in the lead-up to ChAFTA entry into force on 20 December.

**Please note:-
·        Guide to using ChAFTA; click here for download

·       Annex Tariff to ChAFTA; click here for download – Check previous import entries to confirm Classification number to search against this tariff section for new duty rate/s.  The new issued addition of the China/Australia FTA Tariff still pending to be distributed.

Legislation to ChAFTA with Tariff Items / duty rates; click here to open

CHAFTA Certificate of Origin Template; click here to download

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